WNED – Your Public Broadcasting Station

For close to 50 years, WNED has been the public broadcaster serving Western New York and Southern Ontario. Over time, your public broadcasting association earned, and has sustained, a reputation for being an important community institution delivering consistently high-quality, diverse, and dependable programming. Children’s programs provide a safe haven that makes learning fun. News reporting remains objective and balanced. WNED shines as the alternative to the continually declining quality of commercial stations and numerous cable networks.

Remaining true to public broadcasting’s core values, WNED proudly enlightens, inspires, entertains, and educates. This mission is manifested in our television staples like SESAME STREET, THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER, THIS OLD HOUSE, MASTERPIECE THEATRE, NOVA, and FRONTLINE, in the notes of the finest classical music available 24 hours a day on Classical 94.5/WNED-FM, and in honest objective reporting of global, national and local news and information found on WNED-AM 970.

When strengthened by membership, WNED embodies a community. This community includes you. We are very grateful for your support over the years and ask that you “endow” your yearly contribution with a legacy gift that keeps your membership active far, far into the future.

WNED, by mandate, honors the public trust. By mission, it is making known the public treasures, important moments, natural wonders, scientific advances and the ethnic diversity that are our pride and history.

Marrying broadcast technology and equal educational opportunity, WNED is transporting lifelong learning into the 21st century. Through our digital capacity, kids, parents, and teachers in Western New York can transform a television screen into a classroom. A myriad of programs and outreach activities advance knowledge in health, safety, fitness, music, the arts, travel, history, politics, the world, the wider universe. We need to secure this classroom of the future for all, free of charge.

Legacy dollars secure a seamless future for television and radio that is unfettered by the demands of the commercialism.

For additional information, please contact Colleen Miller at 716.845.7031 or cmiller@wned.org.